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Sunday, 11 December 2016

How To Create Youtube Channel Art, template, Banner and Background

Hey guys, this is a short video on how to create a YouTube channel art, template, banner and background along with the logo explained in Hindi.

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Every Youtuber wants to create that first impression by having a very good YouTube channel art, or a template and you can also call that a banner or background because it leaves a long-lasting impression on the subscribers.

In this video I have told you how to create the channel in very simple steps. There are multiple ways to create the same like photoshop, paint, powerpoint etc but my favorite one is Canva. You can visit the site and check for yourself. This site is well organized to create a logo and all sort of banners and background for YouTube channel art. It has hundreds of free templates that you can choose from and make your own design that will just blow your viewers mind.

The options and ways to do it is extremely simple and anyone can do it. For logo, you have to select logo template and for YouTube channel art you must select channel art option from the home page and the Canva smart system will guide you through to the rest of the process.

The recommended size of the YouTube channel art is 2560x1440 and it should be less than 4 MB and Canva just gives you the exact banner as per your desired size.
I have checked the entire google and couldn’t find a single site that is as close as this one which can help you to create such nice channel art. This YouTube channel creator or YouTube channel banner maker is the best of all. You can make a YouTube banner in like minutes. The backgrounds are also so eye catching that it will leave your viewers wonder and feel jealous on you. So, guys, just give it a try and make your own best YouTube channel art or a template, banner, logo, background or whatever you call it.

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