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Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to remove customer negative feedback from amazon seller central account India in Hindi

Hey Guys, this is a very important video for all those new sellers who are selling products on amazon India as we have discussed about how to remove customer negative feedback from amazon seller central account.

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A negative feedback is a very bad mark for any commerce company or a seller and it hampers growth. Hence It becomes very important for any seller to keep checking the negative feedback and work on them. Most of the marketplaces in India do not provide an option to get your negative feedback changed or removed but amazon does. It allows sellers to represent the case and tell amazon why they do not deserve a negative feedback from the customer.

To remove the negative feedback the seller must first identify the negative feedback which he wants to remove. The seller can visit performance tab and click on feedback option There the seller will find all the feedback with the ratings provided. Just take any negative feedback that is rated 1 or 2 and do a kind of check on the account as to why the feedback was provided.
If you think that the feedback is genuine then you should not do anything but if you think the feedback is due to other reasons which you are not responsible for then you can raise a case for that. You can represent the negative feedback through contact option. You will find the option on amazon seller central account at the bottom of the page or you may click on this link
There you have to select the first option followed by entering the order number. After that you have to select Customer Feedback Removal Request and then represent the case.
Normally it takes upto 24 hours for the update from amazon but most the of the time the issues are resolved instantly and if you really do not deserve that feedback then it will be removed instantly. I have also shown in this video how fast the negative feedback are removed if it really doesn’t apply on you.

Prior to this video I also added a video about how to maintain good performance in amazon account and I think you should check that as well if you are new to amazon. Also note that feedback is crucial in any marketplace websites such as flipkart, snapdeal, ebay, shopclues, paytm and hence you must try to keep good account health for the growth of your business. Because if the performance is dropped ultimately your orders will drop drastically.

Hope this video will help you to remove some of the non-deserving feedback from your amazon account.

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