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hello friends, this is a short video of keyword research tutorial or you can also say keyword planner for youtube, keyword research for seo or keyword planner through adwords. This seo tutorial will help you to get an idea how to use keyword through google adwords without starting any campaign on it.

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It’s a dream for every youtuber to have their videos showed on top and make money online through it but that is not possible without having a good keyword planner. Keyword research is extremely important before you start putting the title, description and tags in youtube videos. There are many tools that will be seen in google for keyword research for SEO and for youtube SEO but nothing can beat google adwords because it’s their own in-house company and they have exact data that is needed for accurate keyword planning.
This google adwords tutorial is for those who are bit confused about using the google adwords keyword tool because the adwords initially doesn’t allow to use the keyword tool without starting an adwords campaign. This is definitely possible to use the keyword tool without having started any adwords campaign.

You have to just log in to adwords and click on tools and there you will find an option for keyword planner. It’s the easiest way to do keyword research and get the desired result. Youtube videos must have a good SEO done in it to get high ranking on search results. This google adwords keyword tool is loaded with all necessary SEO tools that will make your task very easy. If you are depended on any other tools, then I would suggest you start using google keyword tool which is nothing but Google adwords.

Google keywords are easy to identify but when it comes to using it, one gets very confused because you have to use them in a glow and only then you will get the desired video on top and make money online. Hope this small SEO tutorial on google adwords keyword planner will be of some help for you.

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