Learn How To Register And Sell on Ebay.in in Hindi

Hello Guys, in this video you will know how to register for Ebay.in to sell your products in it explained in Hindi.

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You have to visit the site www.ebay.in and you will find and option to sell in Ebay.in. Just click on it and you will land up in seller central page and the link is https://scgi.ebay.in/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?RegisterEnterInfo&bizflow=2
In this page you have to register and keep the following information ready to submit.
1. Your personal details like name, mobile number.
2. Your personal ID proof and address proof.
3. Company of firm’s name and address proof.
4. Company VAT and TIN number with the scanned certificate copies.
5. Companies PAN number with scanned copy.
They are some of the details required to register. Once you register, within 24 to 28 working hours your account will be activated.
Hope this video will be of some help for you guys. If you need any other assistance, please feel free to comment box and I will be more than happy to get back to you.

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