Why Android Smartphones Go Slow? How To Make fast?

Hello friends, in this video we are talking about why smartphones becomes slow and how to make it fast by simply following few steps and methods.

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No matter how smart the smartphone is, there comes the time and when the phone slows down. Everyone starts complaining about why my phone is slow and how to speed up my phone? This is a common issue these days with all android phone users. Slow phone can be really irritating and when your phone slow down you feel like throwing it over the roof.

I have shown few methods in this video through which you can restore the good android speed for your smartphone. You do not need any phone booster for the same. It’s going to happen by simply following some steps and that’s it. This will answer all your questions about how to speed up my phone and make it faster.

Application Updates: First thing you need to do is ensure that you do not update each and every software updates that come from android like upgrading it from lollipop to marshmallow or marshmallow to nougat. Just wait for the right time until they come with a second update because during the first update android normally misses out on many bugs and soon the next update comes. Try to limit upgrades to certain limit and your phone speed will be much better.

Too many applications installed: Yes, this is very important not to install too many applications as it will eat up your RAM, ROM and processor and make your phone dead slow. So just keep the relevant and required apps installed in your phone so that you can enjoy the fast speed of smartphone. This can solve many people’s issue about why smartphones become slow.

Applications access Control: This is something that you grant permission to apps to access your folders, images, gallery, sound, camera etc. This also reduces the speed of your phone because those apps when in use try to collect information from all those accessed locations practically making your smartphone slow. So, avoid such apps that ask for too many accesses.

Background Applications:  Try to keep most of the background applications notifications off as it will really help to make your smartphone fast. This will surely speed up the android and speed up phone. Keep facebook, twitter, Instagram and other apps that keeps throwing notifications off.

Fragmented File System: Whenever you uninstall an app, there are still some portions of the apps left in your phone which continue save data from different sources. Try to delete them by going to file manager.

At the end, the final solution is to do the factory reset for your phone once in every 2 or 3 months and please ensure to take the back up for your phone data before you do that. It will make your phone totally new with the same fast speed you had at the time of buying the new smartphone.

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