Amazon Fraud. Buyer Cheats Seller. Returned Different Product unboxing.

Hi Guys, todays video is bit different where I am talking about how an amazon buyer cheated a seller and that’s us. There are many such incidents that happen daily but there is no way to control it at the moment as amazon online shopping site has too many customers.

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Today we received a returned shipment from amazon sent by one of the amazon customers claiming he received wrong product and we were surprised to see that it was actually the customer who sent the wrong product back to us. That’s why I thought of unboxing the product and show you the same so that you get an idea of online business and dark side of selling products online on amazon. Amazon online shopping site is very lenient towards their customers and hence they normally don’t do anything about it and hence they are partially in loss due to that. This is also causing sellers to loose money at the same time.

There has been so many amazon frauds and other online frauds reported this year and its going to continue it seems unless they bring something very strategic. This is not the first case we have encountered where amazon buyer cheats seller. We have faced the same situation many a times and we immediately raise safe T claims without wasting our time. So if you are willing to sell products online in the near future you have to be careful about the same or else your losses will be more than profit and will end up making nothing by the end of the year.

So finally I would like to tell you that if you plan to sell products online in any marketplace website be it amazon, flipkart, ebay, snapdeal, paytm or shopclues, you have to be careful about returned products and report the issues immediately. This is the only way to help ourselves from online frauds from buyers.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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