Amazon Seller Central Mobile App Full Training Explained in Hindi

Hello everyone, in this video I have explained in detail about all amazon seller central mobile app features in Hindi. So if you are selling on amazon on shopping site or willing to sell on amazon then this is the right video for you.

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Amazon is currently India’s number one website when it comes to sales and turnover and with that also comes the necessity to retain that position by giving excellent service to their sellers. One of the cool feature about amazon seller central mobile app is that it allows sellers to check most of the information right from their mobile app and take important decisions about the business. It is very important to keep a track of all records while you sell products on amazon. To sell on amazon is easy but to maintain good health and profit is extremely important. Hence This amazon seller central mobile app is something which you should understand very well.

So if we talk about the features, the below mentioned checks and actions can be taken from the amazon seller central mobile app.

Todays Sales Figure.
Units sold today
Next COD Payment
Next Prepaid Electronic Payment
View your sales performance
Review pricing opportunities
Discover more products to sell
Check FBA shipment status
Scan products to sell online on amazon
Sell Products by checking Top Sellers, Movers and Shakers, Hot New Releases, Recommended Products, Favorites, History
Ship orders or process orders
Reply to messages on amazon seller central app
Restoke low inventory
Manage FBA shipments
Manage Pricing
Product Photo Studio.

So this tutorial about amazon seller central mobile app will help you to understand these information clearly.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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