Can you apply online for VAT, TIN or CST For Ecommerce Online Business

Hi Guys, this is a short video on can you apply for online for VAT, TIN or CST number online from your respective states sales tax website. This information is very important if you are planning to sell online, or sell on marketplace website or amazon, snapdeal, flipkart, paytm, ebay, shopclues or any other website.

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To apply for VAT, TIN and CST number you have to personally visit the local sales tax department and provide the necessary documents and only then you can get your VAT, TIN and CST number. So, if you still have a question how to apply for VAT or how to apply for CST or how to apply for TIN number then I will explain it further.

This information is going to help you to sell online in all marketplaces very easily without having any issues. So if you are ready to sell on amazon, sell on flipkart. Sell on snapdeal, sell on paytm, sell on ebay, sell on shopclues then you must start the process of getting your VAT, TIN and CST number.

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