How To Get Your First 100 youtube Subscribers ? ▶

Hi guys, it is my pleasure to inform you that with all your love and support I have crossed 100 subscribers within a months time and hence I have decided to create a video on how to get your first 100 youtube subscribers in a short time. ?

This is needless to say every youtuber who has a channel wants to know how to get your first 100 subscribers because they want to know tips and tricks to grow on youtube. To get youtube subscribers is the first and foremost plan every youtuber has and with that they plan to start jumping places for subs and subscriptions but it doesn’t really work out.  We all wanted to know how to get subscribers on youtube when we joined youtube but eventually the way to do it was always difficult rather than asking people on other videos for free subs and free subscriptions. It doesn’t really work out that way.

In this video I have spoken about simple and easy ways how you can get more views and how to get subscribers on youtube. Remember these rules guys and I am sure that you will do wonders in youtube in 2017 as 2016 is almost gone.

I am going to tell you the entire theory in steps so that you can easily understand the steps on how to grow your channel and these steps will make your dream come true.

STEP 1⃣: Make sure you do not spam in others videos asking for free subs. That’s not going to help you at all. It may give you few subs but youtube is soon going to block such channels asking for free subs against subs as its totally against their community guidelines and youtube policy. So please avoid that to get free youtube subs.

STEP 2⃣: Create good content that will be the backbone for your video as that’s the only thing that will bring your video on top search results due to the SEO factor. Youtube SEO plays a critical role and content is the most important thing. SEO helps to get more views, more subs or you call it subscriptions on youtube. Youtube SEO is the thing you need to focus.

STEP 3⃣: Create meaningful videos based on your topics which can attract more and more people to see. Do something which normally is not done by someone else and ask yourself, are you going to see that video yourself before publishing it. All these questions and self answers will help you to know if you will get more subscribers or not.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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