How To Make Your Own Profit Calculator For Online Business Ecommerce Business

Hello everyone, in this video I am showing how to make your own profit calculator for online business or ecommerce business using excel. This will help you to determine the best selling price for online business so that you make profit while doing business in any online selling site.

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It’s a dream for every seller to sell online and make money online with profit. Hence I have shown in this video how to create your own profit calculator so that you can determine the best price you can keep to sell online so that you can make profit while selling online products. It is very easy to get an answer on how to sell online or how to make money online but it is really difficult to understand how to earn money online if you are not really making any profit out of it. There will be numerous tutorials that will tell you how to sell on amazon, how to sell on snapdeal, how to sell on flipkart, how to sell on ebay, how to sell on shopclues, how to sell on paytm but none of them will tell you how to make profit while selling online.

So, I have made this excel sheet explaining you how to update details in this excel sheet and understand the entire process of calculating the profit from it. Hope this will help you to sell on ecommerce websites more confidently as you will be able to make good profit out of it.

Hope this video will be of some help for you.
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