Wednesday, 25 January 2017

VLOG # 11 Ecommerce From Remote places, JBL Earphone Review, My number, Whatsapp Group, QnA

Hello everyone in this video i am going to talk about  Ecommerce From Remote places, JBL Earphone Review, My number, Whatsapp Group, QnA

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Every person who is living in a remote area and wants to do an ecommerce business is confused about how to manage The E-Commerce business when there is no connectivity from a courier company. They are very much excited about selling products on Amazon flipkart ShopClues Paytm snapdeal paytm ebay and many other E-commerce website but they are not aware about how they can use the courier facility when these companies do not provide then pick up service from these areas. So I have discussed about how you can still manage in commerce business with the help of speed post from these places and make money online.

I have also done a product review of JBL earphones so I am sure you would like to watch that with you because it will help you to decide whether you can buy a JBL standard headphones for your personal use. Please know that this review is not paid from anyone And I have purchase this product for my personal use from Amazon and I am doing the review of that product.

And lastly have discussed about my contact number and WhatsApp group as I am getting lot of request from people to give the contact number. Please know that I am not in a position to give my personal contact number for the WhatsApp group at this moment because I am already occupied with my personal work and the remaining time I spend on creating videos for my viewers. It would become extremely difficult for me to manage wise work as I will have to answer calls and reply to WhatsApp messages if I do anything that shot at this moment.

And last day we have done question answer session based on the questions that will ask in the past couple of days regarding e commerce business and how to sell online in various E-commerce marketplace websites.

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VLOG # 11 Ecommerce From Remote places, JBL Earphone Review, My number, Whatsapp Group, QnA

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