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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What is Amazon FBA? Benefits and Drawbacks of Amazon FBA India Explained in Hindi

Hello everyone this video is going to help you understand what is FBA which is fulfillment by Amazon and what are the benefits and drawbacks of doing business through Amazon FBA center in India. I have made this video in Hindi so that most of the people can take the advantage of Amazon FBA in India.

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So the first thing we need to understand is what is FBA. FBA stands for Amazon fulfillment center and it is a great platform for those people who do not have enough space in their house or their office to do business in Amazon. In my personal view Amazon FBA will be best suitable for someone like who is staying in a remote place for a rural area and wants to sell their products in Amazon and make it available for millions of customers in India. Amazon FBA allows sellers to put their product in the warehouse and do the sales through there was a house without having enough trouble or hassle from their side. There are plenty of Amazon fulfillment centers in India through which many people can take the advantage of it and make money online. Many people wanted to know how to sell online through Amazon SBI or how to send products to Amazon FBA so this is the right video for those people.

So now we will understand each and every point about Amazon FBA and describe in detail.

• WHAT IS AMAZON FBA:  Amazon FBA is nothing but fulfillment by Amazon where you can send your products to sell through Amazon FBA without having to keep the stock in your warehouse or your shop or even your house. Amazon FBA service is available in many parts of India that is around 28 to 30 fulfillment centers are there in India right now.
• HOW TO ENROL FOR AMAZON FBA: To enroll for Amazon FBA you need to have an Amazon seller account created and once you have that done you can directly send the products to Amazon FBA fulfillment center. Remember one thing that you need to get an Amazon FBA approval through a small process which needs to be done from your CA are there suggested CA. This process takes around 10 to 15 days. That is nothing but you need to add that Amazon FBA fulfillment Centre as an additional place of business.
• WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF AMAZON FBA: Some of the best benefits from Amazon FBA fulfillment Centre is that the product visibility increase and the sales also increases day by day. The second benefit is that you do not have to keep the stock in your warehouse or at your shop or even at your home. You can enjoy the whole day sitting at home and make money online by just sending the product to Amazon fulfillment Centre as they take care of the rest without any problem from your side.
• WHAT ARE THE DRAWBACKS OF AMAZON FBA: Some of the drawbacks includes stock that you need to keep in the Amazon warehouse which you need to procure in advance. So if you are a small seller then it can be a problem for you because you have to purchase the product in bulk and then send it to Amazon fulfillment center. Other drawback is that once the product is damaged or returned in a non salable then you do not get the complete value of the product.
• HOW TO DECIDE THE PRODUCTS FOR FBA: The best way to decide the product to send to FBA fulfillment center of Amazon is that you keep checking the top selling products through amazon seller app and also through category wise. This will help you to decide which products are doing good in terms of sales and you can send the same type of products to Amazon fulfillment centre on regular basis and increase your sales.
• WHAT ARE THE CHARGES FOR AMAZON FBA: Amazon fulfillment Center charges pretty much decent. They will charge you monthly storage fee of around 14 rupees to 15 rupees per square cubic feet. Apart from this there are Commission charges fixed closing fee and shipping charges that are normally involved in all the orders.
• WHAT IS THE SCOPE OF SALES IN AMAZON FBA: Amazon FBA as a good scope to increase your sales on regular basis if you are selling good quality product and at a very good deal for the customer. Normally people tend to buy products from Amazon FBA because they are nicely packed and shipped on time.
• AMAZON FBA OR AMAZON EASY SHIP OR AMAZON SELF SHIP: If I have to choose from Amazon FBA, amazon easy ship amazon self ship then I will go for Amazon FBA because it will save my time throughout the day as I do not have to invest my time and money in my warehouse all office or shop.
• WHICH PRODUCTS CAN BE SENT TO THE FBA: There are few products that cannot be sent to Amazon FBA which are considered hazardous. They are normally mobile batteries, acid, toxic products, and things like that.

I hope this video about Amazon FBA a fulfillment Center will be useful for you. To use Amazon FBA you have to go to Amazon seller Central and do the process from there which I will discuss in any of my future videos in detail.

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