Why I talk about loss in ecommerce business

Hi everyone, loss is very evident in todays ecommerce business and lot of times I happen to talk a lot about it. so why do I talk about loss so much? find out why.

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There are many E-Commerce websites in India who are doing business in billions every year. But the real factors None Of The E-Commerce marketplace website are doing business in profit. It is very important to know why these companies are not doing any profit before you actually join these companies and Imagine to do some profit from it.

It is very easy to sell products online in Amazon Flipkart Snapdeal Paytm ShopClues eBay can imagine a very good return from the product that you are trying to sell. But the reality is totally different. And that reality is something that I am going to discuss in this video. Every Marketplace website in India like Amazon Flipkart ShopClues eBay Paytm snapdeal have different policies and rules and most importantly the commission structure. You may not be suitable to sell your products in some of these Marketplace website due to the high commission rate.

You might get attracted from this Marketplace websites based on the number of sales they are doing but if you are careful and look at it very minutely you will realise that you are doing good sells but you are not making any profit from it. Why such things happen, why you do not make any profit from eCommerce website, why there are so many returns, white becomes very difficult to manage e commerce when you are doing transaction in Millions.

All these small and large things and information are very important for any online seller to know. It is not wise to know about these things when you are selling products online and you do loss. You should know these things well before you start your online E-Commerce business and plan to make money online.

It is your hard earned money and you should be very careful before you invest your money in any business. That is why I am very frank in telling you everything about E-Commerce business, all pros and cons about E-Commerce business, all good things and bad things about ecommerce business. My intentions are not to scare you about E-Commerce business but it is to warn you or educate you about the bad things also that happens in e-commerce business.

I’ve also discuss about how you can avoid such losses in e commerce business and how you can have a peaceful and a long journey in e-commerce industry. You have to ensure that you have a thorough knowledge about E-Commerce world before you step in and start selling online. Please do not take my message the wrong way. It is just give you little extra knowledge about E-Commerce world which you normally do not get from anywhere else.

You will be approached by Marketplace websites like Amazon eBay ShopClues Paytm Flipkart Snapdeal and you will be insured a good return on sales but you have to be very careful while you take the decision to sell a product on a particular date on these websites so that you do not fall into losses in e-commerce business.

Thank you everyone for watching this video and giving a good support from your side.

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