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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Why should you wait for GST to start your ecommerce business

There are many questions about what is GST, how to get GST number, how to enroll for GST, full form of GST, how GST is going to affect E-Commerce business, impact of GST on E-Commerce business, charges for GST, and many such related questions which I'm going to answer in this video so please watch this video till the end.

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Hello everyone in this video I am going to talk about GST and why you should wait for GST to start your eCommerce business. GST which stands for goods and Service Tax is a new initiative by our indian government to boost the overall trading market, service industry and industrial market and streamline the overall tax structure to make the business smooth and easy. Every ecommerce sites like Amazon Flipkart Snapdeal Paytm ShopClues Myntra Jabong they all need VAT and CST number right now if you want to sell the products on their E-Commerce platform.

Vat number and CST number are extremely important right now if you are trying to sell products online. We buy far have known how to sell products online but it is not practically possible to sell products online if you do not have VAT and CST number and hence I have been talking about waiting for GST number to come so that you can save time in All legal documentation and then later on transferring the VAT and CST number again to GST.

With the help of GST number you will be able to do transactions across India without having any problem in terms of entry taxes are other legal documents. Right now if I have to send product from our state gujarat to other state then I have to provide form 402 which will be not required once the GST is applicable. Plus you will also have an advantage of doing sales of up to rupees 20 lacs without having the GST number. Letter on obviously it is necessary to get the GST number. The discussion about GST and the changes are happening now and then hence I would suggest each one of you to please wait for some more time as all the information is very much clear about GST.

After that you will have full control on selling products on Amazon, selling products on eBay, selling on ShopClues, selling on flipkart, selling on Paytm, selling on Snapdeal, and many other E-commerce website.

Hope this video tutorial will be of some help for you.
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