Process Of Using Fedex Service From HomeEkart for self ship orders.

We are starting this service for those you wish to gain additional benefit in terms of saving money for shipping charges.

We will provide shipping service using fedex to those wants to get pick up done from their premises and wants to send the product to other customers.

Please note the process which you need to follow for using our services.

  1. First of all you need to register with us as a registered member by depositing a refundable fee of rs 1000 to our paytm account 7405504000 or 8200434842.
  2. Once you make the payment to these numbers you will need to register at and raise a ticket with the payment details and your address from where you need the pick up to be done.
  3. Before you register you first need to check if you have pick up service available at your pin code and you can check through this excel file by searching with your pin code. CLICK ON THIS LINK
  4. If you see DELIVERY ONLY under Domestic Service column that means you do not have pick up service. and if you see PICKUP AND DELIVERY under Domestic Service column that means you have pick up service at your pin code and you can register with us.
  5.  Once you are registered and wants to ship the product then you need to search with pin code of the location from where the order has come. If you are able to search with the pin code then you can ship the product. If you are unable to find the pin code then you wont be able to send the product.
  6. Next step is raising a ticket if you have service available at that pin code.
  7. For that you need to log in to again and raise a pick up request by filling this excel file. PLEASE CLICK ON THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THE FILE.
  8. The file is self explanatory where you need to mention the customer details where you need to send the product. Once the details are filled you need to send the file back to us through the ticket and also mention the payment details as per your packages and weight.
  9. Lets assume you have 5 packages of 500 grams and 1 package of 1 kg so you will have to transfer rs 60×5=300 and 120×1=120 total rs 420 to our icici bank account. If you have issue with that then you can paytm at 7405504000 or 8200434842 and mention the reference number in the ticket.
  10. Once we get the ticket, we will verify the file and the payment and generate a label and attach in the ticket which you can print out and stick it on the package. The tracking number will be mentioned on the top of the label itself which you can update in your order.
  11. please note that it will be your responsibility to monitor the package and the delivery for it.
  12. if the package is undelivered and returns then the return charges will also apply so please ensure that you follow up with fedex for getting the package delivered. Also note that if there is any correction done on the pin code once the package is shipped then also there will be a charge of rs 50 additional for changing the pin code which we need to pay to fedex.
  13. Also note that if you later change the pin code for out of delivery area means where fedex service is not there then there will be a charge of rs 1600 additional so please make sure that you never change the pin code to non delivery area.
  14. Note that pick is generally happened in 24 hours in metro cities, 24 to 48 hours from tier 2 and tier 3 cities and about 72 hours from other places.
For any query you can raise a ticket once you have registered yourself for the fedex service.


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