10 Powerful Hacks To Make Your Facebook Video Go Viral In 2018

Getting your videos go viral on Facebook is what everyone is looking for, So here are top 10 powerful hacks to make your Facebook video go viral in 2018.
In today’s world where everyone, from startups to a big company or B2C to B2B enterprises or any sector for that matter has added video marketing in their marketing strategies and using them to get a taste of virality on their content.
As per a survey by TechCrunch, Over 8 billion videos or 100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook on a daily basis and growing every day.
Although the above stats are from 2016 survey but recently after the launch Facebook Watch, videos views and engagement are on hyper-growth.
Here are those ten great hacks that will surely make your Facebook video go viral in 2018.
  1.  Create square videos
  2.  Attention-grabbing thumbnail
  3.  Add captions to your videos
  4.  Suggest viewers to tap for sound
  5.  Focus on one key point
  6.  Upload your videos natively
  7.  Write a descriptive title
  8.  Create a Facebook-specific copy
  9.  Give a preview of the video in your copy
  10.  Add a call-to-action
facebook video go viral


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