Instagram New Feature: Users will be able to hide the number of likes on your post


These days, after posting on social media sites, the competition is going on for Likes. But Instagram is now keen on bringing a new feature about it. After this, the competition for getting more and more likes on the Instagram post can end soon.

Facebook’s proprietary app is ready to bring a new feature for it. This feature allows users to hide the number of likes on their posts. He can also decide who can see the number of likes on his post and who is not?

According to a report, this step of Instagram will reduce the competitiveness of getting more flexibility among the users, after which they will also post similar ones they really want to share with their friends and followers.

A company spokesman said, “We always wanted to bring this kind of feature. Now a sample has been prepared. But even after hiding the Likes, some people’s names appear, who have liked that post. Soon this problem will be overcome. ‘ Twitter is also trying to bring Retwitt’s hide-of feature on its platform.


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