Realme 3 Pro with 64MP Ultra HD camera mode


Ultra HD mode is hidden in the form of an Easter egg in the camera software. You must touch the menu option under the Camera application and select the Expert mode. Now you will see the button to activate the Ultra HD mode at the top. The mode allows you to click on 64 MP images where you can zoom extensively on the image, but that’s just it.

The portrait mode in the rear camera is unpredictable. Although colors and detail are good, edge detection often tries to differentiate the subject from the background. Realme has promised an update of the OTA to improve the bokeh effect.

There is also a Super Slo-mo mode of 960 fps, which we receive via the OTA update a few days before the release date of the phone. The function works well with a bright light if it is not great.Chroma Boost mode of Realme 3 Pro increases the saturation levels of images. If you do not have time to edit your photos before uploading them to social media, Chroma Boost is your direct access. This makes the scenes boring interesting, but sometimes over-saturates the images.

The Nightscape mode of Reale 3 Pro works very well. The mode uses the data from multiple images to form a single brighter image with more detail and less noise.

Realme 3 Pro uses the synthesis of several images to form a 64 MPa image synthesizing several 16 MPa images. I was expecting the 64MP format to take more details, but it was just the opposite. When you zoom in on a 64 MP image, all you see are fuzzy objects. Between the 16MP image and the 64MP image, the first image is sharper and offers better color reproduction.


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