This is the country’s first speaker helmet which will connect to mobile


There is a message for the bike driver. At bike driving, most people have a habit of talking on mobile phones and listening to music. But talking on mobile phones at bike driving is dangerous. But now there is a water proof helmet in the market that will completely freeze you with these problems.

Steelbird has introduced a speaker helmet in the market, which will be easily connected to your mobile phone. In the Indian market, the price of Steelbird SBA-1 HF has been fixed at Rs 2,589. The most important thing about this helmet is that the speaker used by the company in it does not have noise cancellation. Whereby the person who worn it, the sound of the nearby sound is clearly heard.

The company claims that this whole system is waterproof, i.e. you will be able to use this helmet as well during the rainy season. Due to water, there will be no defect in its speaker and microphone.


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