How niche Indian e-commerce platforms are coping with global brands


The niche E-commerce companies are gaining a lot of engagement due to high levels of customization and bespoke offerings that suit the Indian clientele.

E-commerce is the next-generation market place. There is considerable traction in the space with both the number of consumers and the amount of transaction value is increasing at a rapid rate. The niche E-commerce companies are gaining a lot of engagement due to high levels of customization and bespoke offerings that suit the Indian clientele.

The best way to counter the mass offerings of the international brands that are flooding the market is to offer the discerning customer the luxury of choice. The client looks for an item of clothing that fits well, suits her preference and tastes. The Manufacturing process should be impeccable and the quality high.

The grey area in E-commerce is pricing and ethical trade. Niche E-commerce sites have a feature that allows you to access ethical and fair trading. As most of these niche sites have a direct connection with the manufacturer or are maintained by the manufacturer themselves, the service and pricing are excellent.

The items are sourced directly from the artisans, or the bespoke items are tailored individually for the customer as per the size and fit requirements. The working conditions of the artisans are of global standards. On the other hand, the working conditions of most significant brands are dismal and have been under the lens of global agencies for some years. The modern customer likes to source their apparel from brands that follow responsible sourcing.

The indigenous apparel industry is very fragmented and has the potential to grow exponentially once the right working conditions are available. The idea is to tap the enormous talent that the country holds and create a stable and conducive working environment for the artisan. The artisan gets his dues while the end consumer gets a piece of clothing that is utterly suitable. More local craft gets included in the mainstream, and local artisans get their due recognition.

The generation of employment is humongous, and there is a huge gap that is filled. There is a fractured market where the customer does not have access to the items they need or pay exorbitant prices for the same. The local craftsman does not have access to the end customer and ends up being underpaid and exploited.

These niche sites aim to bridge the economic and social divide that exists in the apparel industry. The niche E-commerce sites are the best way to link the two ends of the spectrum together. As the consumer moves into the comfort zone of buying online, the process becomes seamless. All she needs to do is visit the site, choose a design and fill in her particulars. The finished product is impeccably stitched and designed to fit like a glove. The logistics are looked after, and the end product is delivered at the doorstep.

This bespoke luxury is not available with large brands as they have mass-produced designs that do not suit Indian body shapes and climate. The fit is often poor, and the prices too high. Responsible sourcing and local industry generation are the cornerstones of niche E-commerce. The way forward is going local!


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